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Our summer program will not be running during the Summer of 2015.

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The Department of Psychology at Colorado State University, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program (NSF Award SMA-1005199 to Edward L. DeLosh), offers qualified undergraduates the opportunity to participate in an eight-week summer program on mind and brain. The centerpiece of the program is a research experience under the close mentorship of a faculty member in which students actively participate in developing, running, analyzing, and presenting a research project. The research problems available to students span a range of topics from the fields of cognition and perception, cognitive neuroscience, and perceptual neuroscience, reflecting the research specializations of faculty mentors. (Click here for the list of mentors who are available to serve as mentors in 2012.) To conduct this research, students have access to our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, which include EEG systems, a driving simulator, an eyetracker, optical systems, and computer-based laboratories.

reu_raftIn addition to attaining extensive research experience, students complete a research seminar, participate in a weekly professional development series, complete several workshops, go on a site visit to a fMRI/MEG facility, and enjoy several social functions. The capstone of the program is a banquet and symposium in which participants present their research in poster format. Click here for a detailed description of the program.

Participants in the eight-week program are supported by the National Science Foundation. NSF funds are used to provide participants full room and board in a dormitory on campus, a $3000 stipend, an allowance of up to $500 for research expenses, and an allowance of up to $500 for travel (for those traveling from out of state).

The program is oriented toward sophomores and juniors who plan to pursue a career in the science of the human mind/brain, and intend to go to graduate school or medical school. We are especially interested in receiving applications from students who have limited opportunities for science at their home institution. Students from groups that are traditionally under-represented in science, including ethnic and racial minorities, are highly encouraged to apply.

All inquiries about the program should be sent BY E-MAIL ONLY to the program director, Dr. Edward DeLosh,

Click here for application information.