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Undergraduate Research Assistants Needed.

The major purpose for undergraduate research is to provide an opportunity for qualified undergraduates to obtain firsthand, supervised research experiences in psychology. Students may assist professors and/or graduate students with a research project by helping to prepare the study, collect data, and/or enter data into computers.

Students can obtain pass/fail elective credit for their assistance if desired, or they can serve as a research assistant voluntarily. Whichever option is selected, obtaining research experience can be a valuable asset when applying for graduate school or jobs after graduation.

Please read each project description carefully, and contact the professor or graduate student listed for further information.

Project: Dr. Troup’s Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Date Posted:
Description: We examine the relationship between electrical activity of the brain and the processing of facial expressions. In particular, we look at how this relationship is mediated by marijuana use, depression, anxiety, and sexual orientation.
Duties: Students will conduct recordings using electroencephalography (EEG). They may also run participants through computer-based experiments.
Minimum requirements:
Research assistant positions open: 5
Contact info: Contact:
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project.
Application Location: Apply at:
Application Deadline:

Project: Festival Study, Cyberball Study, How Much will you Build? Study and Other Related Lab Tasks

Date Posted: 01/19/2017
Description: As an undergraduate research assistant in the Laboratory for the Study of Meaning and Quality of Life with Dr. Michael Steger, you will be asked to help run multiple studies, with other opportunities to contribute to writing projects ongoing in the lab. In the first study, the Festival Study, you will be asked to guide participants through a study in which they are rating familiarity with holiday related stimuli. In the second study, the Cyberball study, you will be asked to help guide participants through a game called Cyberball. In a third study, you will be asked to conduct experiments involving understanding the factors that influence how much time people spend on tasks and how many objects they build. For all of these studies, you will help facilitate the collection of data. There will also be opportunities to contribute to ongoing writing projects, which may include data cleaning, data analysis, and scholarly writing.
Duties: Each undergraduate research assistant is required to attend weekly lab meetings, which take place on Mondays at 5:00 PM. It will also require that undergraduate research assistants attend relevant trainings, administer questionnaires, facilitate lab-related activities, and take attendance for these activites. It is optional to participate in ongoing writing projects. It is desirable for individuals who apply for this lab to be self-motivated and self-directed.
Minimum requirements: GPA above 3.3; Completed introductory psychology;
Research assistant positions open: 10
Contact info: Contact Jessica Morse at or Maeve O’Donnell via e-mail at
Application Instructions: Email Jessica Morse or Maeve O’Donnell with a resume and a paragraph about your interest in the lab; A graduate student will potentially follow up to schedule an interview.
Application Deadline: 02/10/2017

Project: Dr. Witt's Action-Specific Perception Lab

Date Posted: 01/19/2017
Description: The research done in this lab examines how a person's ability to act influences perception. For example, baseball players who are hitting well see the ball as bigger. Similarly, hills look steeper and distances look farther to perceivers who are fatigued, overweight, or out of shape. This research demonstrates that what you see is not just determined by optical information received by the eye, but also by the perceiver's intentions and abilities. We study this phenomenon in college students, athletes, and people in the community.
Duties: Primary duties include data collection. Students will have the opportunity to work with participants from the Psychology Pool, as well as to recruit people from the community and from athletic venues (gyms, ski mountains, rock climbing areas). Other duties may include stimulus preparation, data coding and analysis, and lab organization. Students will attend a weekly lab meeting to discuss the research.
Minimum requirements: Students must be reliable, conscientious, and self-motivated. A GPA of 3.2 or greater is preferred, but we will consider students with lower GPAs who are highly motivated & have other indicators of potential to succeed in our lab. Students must also be willing to work 9 hours/week for 3 credits (6 hours/week for 2 credits may be considered for exceptional and experienced students)
Research assistant positions open: 4 openings
Contact info: Please email Dr. Witt at:
Application Instructions: Email Dr. Witt the following information: Name; Email; Yr. in School; Major(s); GPA; Major GPA; # of hrs. you're willing to work/week; Days & Hrs. you're available to work; and your Research Interests
Application Deadline: By the end of the first week of classes.

Project: Dr. Clegg's Lab

Date Posted: 01/27/2017
Description: The Clegg Lab conducts research investigating a variety of aspects of human performance, particularly how to apply principles from cognitive psychology to real-world tasks and skills. The work examines issues such as training and automation.
Duties: Research assistants help by running participants in studies, they assist with the data, and sometimes get involves in setting experiments up. RAs in the lab should be willing to commit 3 or more hours per week to the job.
Minimum requirements: Ideally students have a GPA of 3.2+, and are reliable and self-motivated.
Research assistant positions open: Varies
Contact info: Email
Application Instructions: Email to let us know you are interested, and explain why you want to become an RA.
Application Deadline: NA

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