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Undergraduate Research Assistants Needed.

The major purpose for undergraduate research is to provide an opportunity for qualified undergraduates to obtain firsthand, supervised research experiences in psychology. Students may assist professors and/or graduate students with a research project by helping to prepare the study, collect data, and/or enter data into computers.

Students can obtain pass/fail elective credit for their assistance if desired, or they can serve as a research assistant voluntarily. Whichever option is selected, obtaining research experience can be a valuable asset when applying for graduate school or jobs after graduation.

Please read each project description carefully, and contact the professor or graduate student listed for further information.

Project: Food Choices

Date Posted: 1/27/2015
Description: Participants will be looking at images of various foods on a computer screen. While they are looking at these images, an eye-tracking camera will monitor their gaze to see which features of the food environment draw participants' attention when they are deciding whether or not they would eat different foods in order to better understand what elements of the food environment make foods more and less attractive for people to eat.
Duties: Being trained to use eye-tracking equipment (cameras that precisely measure where someone is looking); Independently running participant visits using eye-tracking equipment in the laboratory.
Minimum requirements: 3.0 GPA. Expertise with Photoshop or similar software is a plus, but not required.
Research assistant positions open: 4
Contact info: Dan Graham (
Additional information: There will be other studies starting during the semester, so you may have the opportunity to begin working on additional projects related to health behaviors including physical activity and healthy eating as you would like / are needed.
Application Instructions: Submit resume and statement of interest (description of why you want to work in this lab; what are your goals, interests, and what will you contribute) to Dan Graham (
Application Deadline: 2/12/2015

Project: Personal Knowledge Activities: Laboratory for the Study of Meaning and Quality of Life (Dr. Steger's lab)

Date Posted: 1/20/2015
Description: The project, Personal Knowledge Activities, is run through the Laboratory for the Study of Meaning and Quality of Life. Dr. Michael Steger, who has a joint appointment in the Counseling Psychology and Social Psychology Programs, runs the lab and will be on sabbatical in the spring, but several graduate students will manage the ongoing research projects. The project consists of a 6 week manualized workshop, which integrates the cutting edge of positive psychology research, to bolster meaning in people's lives. Workshops are held weekly (for 6 weeks) with undergraduate research participants, with an average group size from 6-10 people. Groups are facilitated in pairs and research assistants are trained in the content of the workshops prior to facilitation.
Duties: Each undergraduate research assistant is responsible to attend workshop trainings, familiarize themselves with the workshop content, facilitate at least one 6 week group, which includes preparing materials, taking attendance, and participating in lab meetings and feedback. It is necessary for people who apply to this position to be interested in and/or have experience with facilitating small groups/group activities. It is also desirable for individuals to be self-motivated and self-directed.
Minimum requirements: GPA above 3.3; Completed introductory psychology; Juniors and Seniors only
Research assistant positions open: 4
Contact info:
Application Instructions: Contact Maeve O’Donnell via e-mail at with a resume and a paragraph about your interest in the lab; A graduate student will potentially follow up to schedule an interview.
Application Deadline: 2/4/15

Project: Executive Function in the Down Syndrome Behavioral Phenotype

Date Posted: 1/20/2015
Description: Characterizing executive function in early development in Down syndrome, from infant predictors to executive function in the school setting in middle childhood.
Duties: Students learn scoring of standardized assessment, data entry, behavior coding, and help with participant visits.
Minimum requirements: Students are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher, and they must commit to 9 hours per week (3 research credits) for 2 consecutive semesters.
Research assistant positions open: 3
Contact info: Elizabeth Will:
Additional information: Human Development and Family Studies Department
Web page: lab website:
Application Instructions: contact Elizabeth Will via email: for an application
Application Deadline: January 30th at 5:00pm

Project: Parental Alienation Project

Date Posted: 12/04/2014
Description: Dr. Jennifer Jill Harman (Psychology) and Dr. Zeynep Biringen (HDFS) are looking for undergraduates who would like to join the Parental Alienation Project as research assistants. Parental alienation involves one (or both) parent(s) using a child against the other parent, with the intent of destroying or damaging the relationship between them. This research project is examining how parents cope with this situation, their legal and social service experiences to address it, and the impact it has on their relationship with their children. The project also aims to better understand why this problem is so prevalent, and to find solutions and interventions to help stop it.
Duties: Duties may include assisting with the transcription of interviews conducted with parents, attending lab meetings, assisting with qualitative coding of transcripts for themes, conducting literature searches, among other tasks.
Minimum requirements: To be eligible, students need a minimum 3.0 GPA and need to be able to commit a minimum of two semesters to the project. The research team is looking for students with a strong interest in research or clinical work, for example, students who are considering a graduate degree in HDFS, Psychology, or Social Work.
Research assistant positions open: 4
Contact info: Dr. Jennifer Jill Harman, PhD,
Web page: To learn more about the project, please visit the lab website:
Application Instructions: Email Dr. Harman at, stating the reason for your interest in the project and any prior research experience. Attach a resume if you have one. You may also come for office hours Wed, 10-12 during fall 2014 semester.
Application Deadline: N/A. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

Project: Parent-Child Interaction Study

Date Posted: 12/4/2014
Description: Dr. Erika Lunkenheimer, a faculty member in HDFS, is looking for undergraduates who would like to join her Parent-Child Interaction Study as research assistants for volunteer positions or for credit. This research project examines biological and behavioral parent-child interaction patterns and how they may act as risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect.
Duties: Duties could include working directly with families in the community to recruit them to the project, maintaining relations with community agencies, screening and scheduling families by phone, data collection, coding of family videos, and other laboratory administrative work.
Minimum requirements: To be eligible, students need a minimum 3.0 GPA and need to be able to commit a minimum of two semesters to the project. The research team is looking for students with a strong interest in research, for example, students who are considering a graduate degree in HDFS or Psychology.
Research assistant positions open:
Contact info: Dr. Lunkenheimer:
Additional information: Eligible for HDFS research credit.
Web page: To learn more about the project, please visit the lab website:
Application Instructions: If interested, please email Dr. Lunkenheimer at, stating the reason for your interest in the project and any prior research experience. Please also attach a resume if you have one.
Application Deadline: NA

Project: Food Media in Nepal

Date Posted: 12/05/2014
Description: Some food marketing messages can encourage people to eat unhealthy diets. This project is looking at these messages in Nepal. Some data are recorded TV food commercials from children’s television, and other data are experimental survey responses about labels on food packages.
Duties: Duties vary by the phase of the project. Currently data need to be processed (e.g., survey data entry, video editing, etc.). Opportunities exist for motivated and capable students to move on to data analysis (e.g., open-ended responses need to be qualitatively analyzed; Hindi-language television needs to be coded and analyzed) and literature review.
Minimum requirements: Applicants should be enthusiastic with a strong work ethic and an interest in cross-cultural research. They should have a GPA 3.2 or higher. Past research experience, video editing experience and/or language skills in Nepali or Hindi are beneficial, but not required.
Research assistant positions open: 2
Contact info: Andrew Ogle (
Application Instructions: Please send a letter of interest, your complete resume, and contact information for 1-2 references (preferably past professors), and your availability (how many hours willing to work during the week and days/hours available).
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Project: CFERT

Date Posted: 12/16/2014
Description: CFERT is community based nonprofit program at CSU which provides multiple parenting education programs across Colorado and also evaluates those programs.
Duties: Responsibilities would include data entry and help generating yearly government reports. Great position if you want experience with evaluation or if your research interests include positive parenting practices or prevention of substance use.
Minimum requirements: Sophomore or above with at least a 3.0 GPA (flexible). Need to be able to work at least 3-6 hours (1-2 credits) per week.
Research assistant positions open: 2
Contact info: Juliana Rosa at or (970) 491-6031
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project.
Application Deadline: Until filled.

Project: Interest, Persistence, and Success of Women and Men in Science and Engineering

Date Posted: 12/16/2014
Description: The Canetto Lab is looking for 1-2 highly motivated undergraduate students to participate in our lab spring semester. Currently the lab investigates the role of gender and culture in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.
Duties: Attend weekly lab meeting (Mondays 2-3), conduct literature reviews, read articles, interview transcription, data entry, and other duties as assigned.
Minimum requirements: To apply please do the following: 1. list current/past research, class courses, and other relevant experiences you've had. 2. Please list your GPA and your status in school (first year, sophomore, etc). 3. Our meetings for next year are scheduled for Mondays from 2pm-3pm. Are you able to attend during that time? 4. Please explain why you are interested in this particular lab, and the goals/expectations you have. What would you hope to get out of this experience? 5. Conscientiousness is key within our lab team (timely completion of work, attendance of meetings, willingness to work hard). Please indicate if you will have the time and energy to take on a meaningful role in this research team, given your current schedule and any competing priorities.
Research assistant positions open: 1-2 highly motivated undergraduate students
Contact info: Interested students should email Bernadette Pivarunas ( and Jaclyn Melendez ( and address the following questions: (see requirements section)
Additional information:
Application Instructions: see requirement section
Application Deadline: Until Filled.

Project: Seeking Bilingual Research Assistant for a Paid Position

Date Posted: 12/15/2014
Description: A research team in Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies, and Marketing is currently seeking applications for a research assistant who is fluent in both English and Spanish.
Duties: The research assistant who is hired will work directly with parents and children (5-10 years old) from the local community, most of whom are Spanish-speaking and/or bilingual, as part of a research study examining whether providing families with brief education about nutrition labeling results in healthier food choices while grocery shopping. Other duties may also include working with a local community organization (Vida Sana) to recruit and schedule families for this study, laboratory office work, data entry, or coding videos of parent-child observations.
Minimum requirements: To be eligible, students need a minimum 3.0 GPA and need to be able to work for Spring and Summer 2015 (and potentially beyond) on the project. In addition to being bilingual, the successful applicant will be responsible, mature, hard-working, and have an interest in learning how to conduct research with families from the community. Previous experience conducting research and/or working with families and children is strongly preferred but not required. In addition, the research team is looking for students with a strong interest in research, for example, students who are considering a graduate degree in HDFS, Psychology, or a related field.
Research assistant positions open:
Contact info: If interested, please email Dr. Lucas-Thompson at
Application Instructions: Include descriptions of: - your fluency/experience with Spanish - your relevant experience - the reason for your interest in this position. If you have one, please attach a resume / curriculum vitae.
Application Deadline: We will begin considering applications on January 10th, 2015, but will continue to consider applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Project: The Adult Development and Aging ProjecT (ADAPT)

Date Posted: 12/04/2014
Description: The ADAPT lab, under the direction of Dr. Manfred Diehl, is looking for exceptional research assistants to work on projects investigating topics of adult development and aging. Broadly defined, our research focuses on aspects of personality and social-emotional development. Motivated students who are interested in learning about all aspects of developmental research, including study design and research methods, are welcome to apply. The most successful students in our lab show openness to new experiences, willingness to figure things out independently, and attention to detail. We foster a team-like atmosphere, and take pride in providing a meaningful learning experience to students. All team members are held to an ideal of high quality work. In order to offer the most effective training experience, and to ensure continuity on our research projects, we seek out students who are willing to commit at least 2 consecutive semesters in which they will earn 3 credits each (about 10 hours per week). Please visit our lab website for more information about the work we do, and to download the application form:
Duties: Participant recruitmet. Literature searches and summarizing of literature. Data entry and data managemen. Basic statistical analyses using SPSS and/or SAS (with guidance)
Minimum requirements: Required: GPA of 3.0 or higher (3.5 GPA or higher preferred). Reliable, conscientious, highly self-motivated, able to use effective problem-solving skills. Ability to work independently as well as in a team. Basic knowledge in developmental psychology and principles of scientific research. Availability to attend and participate in a one-hour weekly lab meeting. Preferred: Basic knowledge of theories of adult development/aging and research methods (e.g. HDFS 312). Experience with statistical software (example: SPSS, R). Desire to be well-prepared for graduate school. Entering the Sophomore or Junior year (exceptions possible, determined case-by-case). Strong academic writing skills (a writing sample should be submitted with application).
Research assistant positions open: We are seeking 3-4 excellent students to join our lab.
Contact info: Professor: Manfred Diehl ( Lab Coordinator: Allyson Brothers (primary contact) ( Office: Behavioral Science Building, Room 443 (Diehl) and Room 435 (Brothers)
Application Instructions: First, download the application form from: . Second, read instructions carefully, and submit your completed application materials to .
Application Location:
Application Deadline: We will review applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. RAs are needed for the Spring 2015 semester, starting the first week of classes.

Project: Goal-Setting and Exercise

Date Posted: 1/20/2015
Description: People often set goals related to the physical activity levels they want to achieve. What is the best way to set these goals? Can these goals ever be detrimental to health behavior? These are but a couple of the questions we are exploring with this interactive experiment where the research assistant guides participants through different exercises.
Duties: Independently running experiments. Learning to record data and enter/organize that data into excel and SPSS files.
Minimum requirements: 3.0 G.P.A. and completion of PSY 250.
Research assistant positions open: 2
Contact info: Charles Heidrick at
Application Instructions: Contact Charles Heidrick at
Application Deadline: When positions are filled

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