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Undergraduate Research Assistants Needed.

The major purpose for undergraduate research is to provide an opportunity for qualified undergraduates to obtain firsthand, supervised research experiences in psychology. Students may assist professors and/or graduate students with a research project by helping to prepare the study, collect data, and/or enter data into computers.

Students can obtain pass/fail elective credit for their assistance if desired, or they can serve as a research assistant voluntarily. Whichever option is selected, obtaining research experience can be a valuable asset when applying for graduate school or jobs after graduation.

Please read each project description carefully, and contact the professor or graduate student listed for further information.

Project: Implicit self-theories and performance: Test of a model

Date Posted: 8/15/2014
Description: This is a dissertation project designed to test a model which asserts that Implicit self theories (beliefs about the malleability of individual characteristics) predict performance by affecting an individual's motivation to persist trying after failing on a task.
Duties: I need two or three students to work together to learn how to solve logic puzzles from the LSAT exam (Law School admissions exam) using materials that I will provide. The students will then create short training blurbs to explain how one should go about solving a series of logic puzzles that will be used for data collection.
Minimum requirements: Because the students will be creating training materials, I will need students who are very proficient students. I would prefer advanced students (at least 1st semester of Junior year) students with no less than a 3.5 GPA. I would also prefer a student who has taken Industrial or Organizational Psychology.
Research assistant positions open: 3
Contact info: Christina Wilson
Additional information: This will be a fast paced project with aggressive timelines.
Application Instructions: Please send a resume, including all completed courses with grade information, and the names of two professors that I can call for a reference, to
Application Deadline: 8/25/14 @ 5:00 p.m.

Project: College Students and Safe Sex Practices

Date Posted: 8/19/2014
Description: This research project investigates the effectiveness of a brief, online, self-administered safe sex intervention for college students.
Duties: Responsibilities include assistance with: (1) online survey set-up and testing, and (2) data organization (using Excel and SPSS). Opportunities for additional involvement may arise.
Minimum requirements:
Research assistant positions open: 2
Contact info: Carlie Trott (
Application Instructions: Please send a letter of interest, your completed resume, and contact information for 1-2 references (preferably past professors).
Application Deadline: 9/8/14 @ 5:00 p.m.

Project: Electrophysiology of Perceptual Processes

Date Posted: 8/20/2014
Description: The Troup Lab’s research consists of behavioral and electroencephalography (EEG) experiments on individual and group differences in face perception with an emphasis on face discrimination, identity discrimination and recognition, emotion processing, and empathy.
Duties: Research assistants will primarily aid in behavioral and EEG data collection and data entry. RAs will also have the opportunity to learn experimental design, data analysis, and participate in professional development seminars and research talks during lab meetings.
Minimum requirements: GPA: 3.0 minimum (Lower GPAs considered on a case-by-case basis). Time commitment: 6-9 hours/week for the semester (2-3 credits of PSY495E).
Research assistant positions open: Four to six positions currently open.
Contact info: Questions? Contact us at for further information.
Application Instructions: Complete the Troup lab research assistant application form online, or email to request a copy.
Application Location:
Application Deadline: Applications reviewed on an ongoing basis. Deadline to register for credit is August 29th for the Fall semester 2014.

Project: Children's Participation and Environment Research Lab (CPERL) through the Occupational Therapy Department at CSU

Date Posted: 4/14/2014
Description: We are seeking a reliable, trustworthy, flexible, and team-oriented person to join the Children’s Participation and Environment Research Laboratory (CPERL) as a summer intern/research assistant. We are interested in hiring someone who is interested in a career involving children with disabilities and their families and someone who values the opportunity to obtain a mentored research experience to enhance their professional growth. CPERL is invested in mentored and collaborative research projects directed at improving how to understand childhood disability and empower parents with tools to design solutions to promote their child’s health in activities of everyday life.
Duties: The CPERL intern/research assistant will work 8-10 hours per week from June 2nd – August 15th and participate in the following activities: - Help recruit diverse parents of children 12-17 years for an ongoing mixed methods study. - Assist with transcription and coding of phone interviews and data management tasks for two ongoing studies. - Help with IRB applications and amendments for multiple projects as needed - Conduct systematic literature searches and help complete an Endnote library for our lab
Minimum requirements: - Strong background and/or interest in working with children with disabilities - Prior experience with conducting systematic literature reviews and managing literature using EndNote/Papers software or learning new software to complete a project - Strong organizational skills and attention to detail that can be applied to the management of data - Strong oral and written communication skills - Word processing skills (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Research assistant positions open: 1-2
Contact info: To apply, please send your cover letter, resume and contact information for 2 professional references as attachments to CPERL Director, Mary Khetani, at
Additional information: $500.00 stipend to be paid upon completion of the 12-week internship/research assistantship. The student will also have the option of earning up to 2 HDFS research credits for additional hours worked during the summer months.
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project.
Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.

Project: Performance and Learning of Conflict Resolution Skills

Date Posted: 9/15/2014
Description: This study looks at the relationship between mindfulness (a special form of attention that is often associated with meditation) and responses to feedback on conflict resolution skills. The study is related to industrial-organizational psychology and stress research.
Duties: The research assistant will primarily be responsible for running student participants through the study at a computer lab on campus. There may also be additional opportunities depending on the student's background and interests (e.g. helping with literature review).
Minimum requirements: GPA: 3.0+; High reliability and timeliness.
Research assistant positions open: 4
Contact info: Casey Onder:
Additional information: This study will run Fall 2014 but there is potential to remain involved with my research in the spring and next fall if desired.
Application Instructions: Email me at with your background (ideally a resume), availability (approximate days/times), interest in being a research assistant in general or for this study, any previous research experience, and 1-2 references.
Application Deadline: Monday 10/6

Project: Parental Alienation Project

Date Posted: 10/15/2014
Description: Dr. Jennifer Jill Harman (Psychology) and Dr. Zeynep Biringen (HDFS) are looking for undergraduates who would like to join the Parental Alienation Project as research assistants. Parental alienation involves one (or both) parent(s) using a child against the other parent, with the intent of destroying or damaging the relationship between them. This research project is examining how parents cope with this situation, their legal and social service experiences to address it, and the impact it has on their relationship with their children. The project also aims to better understand why this problem is so prevalent, and to find solutions and interventions to help stop it.
Duties: Duties may include assisting with the transcription of interviews conducted with parents, attending lab meetings, assisting with qualitative coding of transcripts for themes, conducting literature searches, among other tasks.
Minimum requirements: To be eligible, students need a minimum 3.0 GPA and need to be able to commit a minimum of two semesters to the project. The research team is looking for students with a strong interest in research or clinical work, for example, students who are considering a graduate degree in HDFS, Psychology, or Social Work.
Research assistant positions open: 4
Contact info: Dr. Jennifer Jill Harman, PhD,
Web page: To learn more about the project, please visit the lab website:
Application Instructions: Email Dr. Harman at, stating the reason for your interest in the project and any prior research experience. Attach a resume if you have one. You may also come for office hours Wed, 10-12 during fall 2014 semester.
Application Deadline: N/A. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

Project: Parent-Child Interaction Study

Date Posted: 9/3/2014
Description: Dr. Erika Lunkenheimer, a faculty member in HDFS, is looking for undergraduates who would like to join her Parent-Child Interaction Study as research assistants for volunteer positions or for credit. This research project examines biological and behavioral parent-child interaction patterns and how they may act as risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect.
Duties: Duties could include working directly with families in the community to recruit them to the project, maintaining relations with community agencies, screening and scheduling families by phone, data collection, and other laboratory administrative work.
Minimum requirements: To be eligible, students need a minimum 3.0 GPA and need to be able to commit a minimum of two semesters to the project. The research team is looking for students with a strong interest in research, for example, students who are considering a graduate degree in HDFS or Psychology.
Research assistant positions open:
Contact info: Dr. Lunkenheimer:
Additional information: Please be aware that you cannot get PSY research credit for this.
Web page: To learn more about the project, please visit the lab website:
Application Instructions: If interested, please email Dr. Lunkenheimer at, stating the reason for your interest in the project and any prior research experience. Please also attach a resume if you have one.
Application Deadline: NA

Project: Understanding the Experiences of Women Leaders in Nepal

Date Posted: 9/22/14
Description: This project explores the career paths, experiences, and perceptions of women leaders in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is related to cultural psychology, I/O psychology, occupational health psychology, and psychology of gender.
Duties: At this phase of the project, the primary tasks for a research assistant include transcription and editing of audio recordings. There is the possibility of future opportunities for motivated and capable students to help with data analysis, manuscript writing, and conference presentations.
Minimum requirements: Ideal candidates will have an inherent interest in gender and leadership and be able to commit to 6-10 hours of work per week. Qualified students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be self-motivated, organized, quick to respond to emails, and committed to deadlines. Previous research experience is a plus, but not required.
Research assistant positions open: 2
Contact info:
Application Instructions: Email: Include a statement of 1) why you are interested, 2) what previous experience or skills you have, 3) number of hours you’d like to work per week, 4) a writing sample, and 5) a current CV (if you have one).
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Project: Investigation of adult workers' career transition experience.

Date Posted: 8/13/2014
Description: The lead researcher is looking for motivated students who are interested in learning about career counseling, adult career development, and career change process. The research project is examining how an adult worker has changed his/her career into a new different field. If students actively participate in the research project with a strong motivation, they will be able to get a chance to submit a research proposal together to the APA annual conference. Therefore, students who want to be well-prepared for graduate school would get benefits from this assistantship.
Duties: Primary duties will include data collection (coding of phone interviews and transcription of oral interview) Students will also help recruit research candidates (adult workers who are currently experiencing career transition) and assist with qualitative data analysis.
Minimum requirements: Must be reliable and conscientious (the most important) -strong interest in counseling psychology, especially career counseling
Research assistant positions open: 1-2
Contact info: Jina Ahn
Application Instructions: To apply, please contact to with your resume. Please describe any research experience if you have.
Application Deadline: open until filled

Project: Dr. Witt's Action-Specific Perception Lab

Date Posted: 4/14/2014
Description: The research done in this lab examines how a person's ability to act influences perception. For example, baseball players who are hitting well see the ball as bigger. Similarly, hills look steeper and distances look farther to perceivers who are fatigued, overweight, or out of shape. This research demonstrates that what you see is not just determined by optical information received by the eye, but also by the perceiver's intentions and abilities. We study this phenomenon in college students, athletes, and people in the community.
Duties: Primary duties include data collection. Students will have the opportunity to work with participants from the Psychology Pool, as well as to recruit people from the community and from athletic venues (gyms, ski mountains, rock climbing areas). Other duties may include stimulus preparation, data coding and analysis, and lab organization. Students will attend a weekly lab meeting to discuss the research.
Minimum requirements: Students must be reliable, conscientious, and self-motivated. A GPA of 3.2 or greater is preferred, but we will consider students with lower GPAs who are highly motivated & have other indicators of potential to succeed in our lab. Students must also be willing to work 9 hours/week.
Research assistant positions open: We have two openings for the fall semester
Contact info: Dr. Witt -
Application Instructions: Please email Dr. Witt the following information: Name; Email; Yr. in School; Major(s); GPA; Major GPA; # of hrs. you're willing to work/week; Days & Hrs. you're available to work; Your Research Interests; and Your Post-Graduation Plans.
Application Deadline: Open until filled.

Project: The use of video games to predispose transfer of training

Date Posted: 4/18/2014
Description: The lead researcher will be working on designing and deploying a video game experiment. This will include running participants through a video game phase, a trianing phase, then a test-taking phase.
Duties: Students will be involved in meetings discussing and planning the experiement. Students will also be directly involved with running the experiments, gathering data, managing data, reviewing and summarizing information, and other administrative tasks as needed.
Minimum requirements: Preference will be given to students with an interest in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Students preferred with a 3.0 or higher GPA and those who have completed research methods courses.
Research assistant positions open: 3-5 positions are available based on the availability and time commitment of the students involved.
Contact info: If interested in applying, please email the lead researcher Diana Sanchez ( and include an explanation of why you would like to be involved, your GPA, and any research experience you have.
Additional information: Fall 2014 position
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project.
Application Deadline: Please apply before August 31st although applicants will be considered again in September and January for additional phases of the project.

Project: Dr. Cleary's Human Memory Lab

Date Posted: 8/19/2014
Description: This lab studies human memory processes and various phenomena of human memory. Examples include: The ability to recall a prior experience, the ability to recognize a situation as familiar when recall fails, the ability to control which things to remember and which to forget, the processes that produce feelings of familiarity, deja vu experiences, and tip-of-the-tongue experiences, as well as the neurological underpinnings of these types of memory processes.
Duties: Duties include aiding in stimulus preparation, data collection, data coding, lab organization, and attending lab meetings. Contributions to future projects and bigger future roles are available for students who demonstrate motivation and capability.
Minimum requirements: Reliable, conscientious, self-motivated students are needed. A GPA of 3.5 or greater is preferred, but we will consider students with lower GPAs who are highly motivated & have other indicators of potential to succeed in our lab.
Research assistant positions open: We have a large number of openings in the lab for the Fall 2014 semester.
Contact info: and
Application Instructions: Email the following info to and cc Name, email, year in school, major, GPA, how many hours willing to work during the week, days/hours available, research interests, plans for graduation.
Application Deadline: Until positions are filled or September 5, 2014

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