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Benjamin A. Clegg

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Cognitive Psychology

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Office Location: 244 BHSCI
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PhD: University of Oregon, 1998
Area of Specialization: Implicit Learning, Skill Acquisition, Applied Cognitive Psychology.
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Current Research: Much of my work has centered on the general topic of skill acquisition. A core component of this research has been studies of implicit learning - that is, knowledge acquired without any direct intention to learn it, and with limited subsequent awareness of the information that has been learned. Think about what you could tell someone about how to ride a bike, or swing a golf club, or the sequence of activities to perform as you drive your car through a junction. My research explores the nature of the representation of the unconscious knowledge used to guide performance. The central issues revolve around how you learn things, and what you then know. This work has included the use of a number of basic research paradigms (such as sequence learning in the serial reaction time task, and the Hebb Digits task), as well as more complex real-world tasks.

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Recent Publications

Clegg, B. A., Heggestad, E. D., & Durrance Blalock, L. (2010). The influences of automation and trainee aptitude on training effectiveness. Proceedings of 54th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Abrahamse, E. L., Jiménez, J., Verwey, W. B., & Clegg, B. A. (2010). Representing serial action and perception. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 17(5), 603-623.

Morett, L., Clegg, B. A., Blalock, L. D., & Mong, H. M. (2009). Applying multimedia learning theory to map learning and driving navigation. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology & Behaviour, 12(1), 40-49.

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